Adopt a Klingon for Christmas


Photo by Dave Stagner

For the third year running, Commedia Beauregard is bringing back its new holiday classic “A Klingon Christmas Carol.” But this time, the theater company is attempting to blossom the production into a 12-show run. Quite the feat, since the entire play is in Klingon.

In order to beef up funding, Commedia Beauregard is offering the opportunity to “Adopt a Klingon.” For $100, you can be the sole proprietor of SQuja (Scrooge), QachIt (Bob Cratchit), vreD (Fred), or even the ghost of marlI’ (Jacob Marley).

As an adoptive parent benefits include a letter from your Klingon with a picture of his or her snarling face, an invitation to a meet-and-greet reception to get to know your Klingon, a ticket to openint night of “A Klingon Christmas Carol” and a photo of you and your Klingon.

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