We Art Minnesota: The Midtown Greenway

Michael Croswell of St. Paul sent us this video submission for his favorite piece of Minnesota art. His nomination: the Midtown Greenway. Now already I know what you’re thinking. “Midtown Greenway, “that’s not art, that’s a bike path!” But as you’ll see in Michael’s video, there’s plenty of art to be found along the Greenway. Here’s what he wrote to us:

My favorite example of public art that belongs to Minnesota is the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis. The Greenway is the most exciting and important public art that is happening in the Twin Cities right now! It is an interactive public space that merges art with visionary urban planning to create a beautiful inner city green zone that is used for leisure while providing an alternative method of inexpensive transportation for anyone who can ride a bicycle.

I love the Greenway because it is all about the art of living together as a community. I see businesses, organizations, and people working together in order to make the Midtown Greenway a successful model for the future. It provides a really smart vision of what the future of our Twin Cities could be. The Greenway is the perfect excuse to start parking the car in the garage and start experiencing the joy of pedal power!

Thanks Michael for your video! And for those of you interested in submitting your own favorite piece of Minnesota art, we welcome your submissions.

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