Memories of Michael Jackson

People are sharing their memories of MJ. Johannah Marcott in River Falls, Wisconsin writes:

I was a fan of the man back in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s – after that he seemed to get more eccentric and all the weirdness was in full fledge. I grew up watching Thriller, Moonwalker, listening to the Bad record, and Dangerous.

He was a big musical influence when I was a kid in the 80s. I also wanted nothing more than to go to Neverland ranch and go on the rides and meet him as a kid – it would have been an honor.

And Jeff Achen in Apple Valley, Minnesota writes:

I remember getting out of school, riding home in the car with my sisters. It was our first day in a new elementary school in the eighties in a new town and our mother was excited to share with us a new record she bought for us: Michael Jackson, Thriller.

We grew to love his music and one of my fondest Michael Jackson memories was creating a silly dance to the song “Thriller” that we did for our parents in our living room. My sisters were in Kindergarten and second grade. I was in fourth grade. Since then I’ve grown up with Michael Jackson’s music, his antics and his influence. It’s a sad day to lose such a nice man and a generous entertainer.

Online, Pete comments:

In 1983 I was in Jr high at Folwell in Minneapolis. We had a “video” dance which was a traditional school dance with a big screen tv to play videos. When MJ came on, every boy in the room lost their girl to the screaming crowds by the big screen.

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  • My earliest memory of MJ was watching Thriller pretty late at night while my cousins babysat me, I was probably 5. It scared the crap out of me, but I loved it! It was a few years after the video came out and they were showing some making of it, which helped me be less freaked out. I was instantly a fan!

    Another fond memory was watching the Free Willy video. I couldn’t get enough of it. Michael will be forever missed, I still can’t believe it! Rest in Peace King of Pop!!!

  • SEB