Icons for the Modern Age

Painter Jessie DeCorsey has been fascinated with religious icons ever since she traveled to Greece and saw them everywhere, integrated into everday life. She says she wishes American culture had an equivalent source of inspiration that was as everpresent. So she created her own religious icons for today’s youth. She says her goal is to make the actions of the saints seem more attainable by everyday people, no matter what their religion.

DeCorsey’s paintings are currently on display at the Dunn Bros coffee shop next to Loring Park in Minneapolis.

  • Ace Larson

    Hey… that’s pretty impressive. I’m so proud.. it says “Artist Jessie DeCorsey”…

    You have arrived… way to go.

    I want to take my Mother down to see them… she will be so proud too.

  • Karen Larson

    A great interview. I love the artwork. Thank you for showing so many of your paintings. Your discussion of your work was very illuminating.

  • solvay

    LOVE your paintings, Jessie!!! I’m not surprised that others do, too! The Last Supper and Adam and Eve – AND all the saints……so captivating!!!

  • wanda j pearcy

    jessie congratulations! the paintings look powerful in these images and space and your interview is really helpful to understand the overall quest and some of the details of the work. bravo!