Hamline-Midway Library’s future not as bright as its past

The fate of the Hamline-Midway Library is on the chopping block due to city budget cuts. While the library will remain open through the end of the year, a task force is looking at what options it has after that. It could have sharply reduced hours, become the responsibility of some organization other than the City of St. Paul, or it could close entirely. The community rallying cry inspired me to pay a visit and find out more about the library’s history, and just how it got started. The story is one of community activism and teamwork over a period of more than twenty years. Take a look and see for yourself. (Full disclosure: I’m a resident of the Hamline-Midway neighborhood)

Music performed by Mike Pohlad

  • Krista Hanson

    This is a beautiful piece! Thanks to Anne for her great knowledge of this library’s history, thanks to Mike for his lovely music, thanks to whomever put together the current day photos with the library’s collection of vintage images, and thanks to Marianne for championing the cause and giving this story a chance to be told.

    This was a neighborhood that banded together to create their own library with the help of contributions in time and money from the neighbors, a generous gift from the Henry Hale Estate, and the eventual cooperation from the City of St. Paul.

    The neighbors currently are banding together to save their beloved library as a library. We are hoping to have the chance to once again raise funds from neighbors, receive a generous financial gift, and we hope for the continued cooperation from the City of St. Paul in keeping this and all branch libraries open!