Art Hounds: Exploring Dreamlands


Tonight Wang Yanshu’s exhibition of digital images called “Dreamland” goes on display at the Burnet Gallery, located in Chambers Hotel in Minneapolis. Yanshu, who lives and works in Beijing, writes:

“As I see it there is little pure color in our actual lives. Everything in our eyes, even in our hearts, is likely covered with a large murky gray veil. Only when closing our eyes and dreaming can we get to the one and only pure land which is doomed to pass away once we awake but leaves us a hazy memory, an engaging impression and a flash of memory. So I try my best to capture that wonderful dreamland in my photos.”

The opening reception is from 6-9pm.

If your taste runs a little less colorful but more sentimental, check out the Robert Rauschenberg exhibition at the Weisman Art Museum, opening Saturday. The exhibition, titled “Au Courant,” recreates an exhibition of newsprint collages that were shown in 1970 at the then Dayton’s Gallery 12 in Minneapolis (this is before my time, but evidently the Minneapolis Dayton’s had an international art gallery on the 12th floor in the late ’60s and early ’70s).

If you want to get out, Father’s Day weekend marks the annual Stone Arch Festival in Minneapolis. The festival features artist booths, four performance stages, and even a few art cars on display.

“Nothing New” is going on at the Textile Center of Minnesota, and that’s a good thing, at least for the environment. The Center’s new exhibition, opening Friday night, features fiber art made entirely from recycled materials.

If the body moves you, TU Dance is premiering a couple of new works at the Southern Theater this weekend. Or you can enjoy Christopher Watson’s Dance company in the great outdoors for FREE at Lake Harriet.

And for the science geek in all of us, there’s “Robots vs Fake Robots,” put on by Walking Shadow Theatre Company at the People’s Center in Minneapolis. Here’s their video trailer, which expresses more than I can possibly say:

Robots vs. Fake Robots – #2 from Ben Thietje on Vimeo.

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for (I suddenly have a U2 song stuck in my head), check out what the Art Hounds of the air are doing this weekend.

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