What’s old is new again in the stadium debate at the Minnesota State Capitol. A proposal to tax sports memorabilia might be headed back towards a stadium deal, thanks to the House Taxes Committee chairwoman, Rep. Ann Lenczewski, DFL-Bloomington. She’s proposing a tax on licensed sportswear and other goods, including trading cards, photographs, autographed merchandise Read more

Everybody just calm down. That’s the advice from Vikings vice president Lester Bagley today. “This is not Dallas. This is not New York. This is not San Francisco,” Bagley said. “A lot of people are jumping the gun as to what they’re thinking we would do in a stadium builder’s license program. We’ve not made a decision, the market has to be surveyed and the market will determine. We’re doing our homework. That’s all we’re doing.” Read more

Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority chairwoman Michele Kelm Helgen was doing a little damage control today. She spoke on Minnesota Public Radio’s Daily Circuit and walked back her agency’s charge, made in a letter from Governor Dayton, to repudiate one-time seat fees at the new Vikings stadium the MSFA is building.

She noted a survey by the Vikings spread some alarm that fans might have to consider a second mortgage to keep their seats at the Vikings games — some of which have been in families since the team started in 1961. Read more

It looks like the Vikings are broaching the very, very touchy subject of personal seat licenses. A story in the Star Tribune says that the team is putting out a survey gaging interest in the practice, which is being used by 17 of the NFL’s 32 teams (although the Packers $3,000 fee isn’t really a seat license in the traditional term, since it has to be turned back to the team for a refund of the selling price. It’s not very personal, as seat licenses go.) Read more