The House Commerce committee floated a whole handful of trial balloons for fixing the new gambling that’s an essential piece of the Vikings stadium funding. Today’s ideas ranged from tax relief to giving bonus machines to the best-performing locations in Minnesota. “We’re not looking to roll the charities, we’re not looking to roll the tribes, Read more

The chair of Minnesota’s House Commerce Committee said he will initiate discussions about changing  electronic gambling rules Tuesday, aiming to improve revenues that are falling far short of the amount needed to fund the state’s share of the  $1 billion Vikings stadium. Rep. Joe Atkins (DFL-Inver Grove Heights) said the time to make changes is Read more

Electronic linked bingo provider E-Tab said the company temporarily turned off the system the company considers the “killer app” for electronic gambling for repairs. The bingo application was running at eight different sites and the game’s manufacturer said it was getting a good response. It’s the only electronic linked bingo game approved in Minnesota so Read more