Audubon to protest bird ‘death trap’ stadium design

Nashville warbler after downtown St. Paul window strike (Tim Nelson / MPR News file) The Minneapolis chapter of the Audubon Society is organizing a protest at the new Vikings stadium this weekend calling on the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and the Minnesota Vikings to change the design of the new billion dollar stadium.

The stadium’s open interior and lights may attract birds, who can be killed or injured when they fly into the transparent glass.

The Audubon Society wants the building to use so-called bird-safe glass because they say the transparent glass planned for the building now will pose a hazard to migrating birds in particular.

Stadium officials say they didn’t budget for the glass, which can include a mesh or glaze to alert birds of the danger. They also say the transparency and outdoor feel of the building is one of its key amenities for fans.

The protest is scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday near the Downtown East light rail stop in Minneapolis.

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  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Zygi should realize this issue is not going to go away. Just wait until the carnage piles up. I work in a much smaller glass building and Monday this week, by 10AM, there were 5 dead white-throated sparrows and a warbler along an 80 foot extent of glass. The image of these birds scattered across the concrete makes a powerful impression. I think of how many white-throated sparrows I enjoyed listening to this spring. It all just smacks of how out of touch our culture is, especially with our staunch demand to occupy such a large footprint: “transparency and outdoor feel of the building is one of its key amenities for fans”. Whatever.

    • expect_resistance

      Totally agree. Hope you will be at the protest this weekend. I’m a birdwatcher and love listening to the song of the White throated sparrow. I dread the thought at how many songbirds will die colliding with the Vikings deathtrap.

    • Tracy Estabrook Boal

      My husband and I work in the Caribbean every October, doing research on birds (partly looking at migrating blackpoll warblers). We were sitting in the Beef Island airport one day, and a couple warblers smacked the glass and died right next to us. Blackpolls do open-ocean migration, so those tiny birds had just successfully crossed the ocean in a 3 and half day nonstop flight, only to die on a window. Oh, the irony, it was nauseating.

  • Popeyes Fresh

    Haha … I assume every protester will have taken all the windows out of their own dwellings before going down to protest.

    • expect_resistance

      As a birdwatcher I put up bird silhouettes on my windows to prevent bird strikes. In the 11 years I’ve living in my home, there’s been one bird strike. The Vikings stadium is partially being paid for with tax dollars. The citizens of Minneapolis want bird safe glass and the Minneapolis City Council passes a resolution for the Vikings to do so. But of course Zygi only thinks about himself and money. I will personally deliver any dead birds I find on the ground because of the Vikings Stadium to Zygi and the Vikings organization until it gets through their thick idiotic skulls.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      The point is to moderate our footprint and live in tune with nature. It’s not about living without windows. Besides that, what’s the sense in having windows in a stadium anyway? Are people supposed to be watching the game?