Minneapolis’ Super Bowl: Leave the swimsuit, pack the parka

To: Fans of the 2018 Super Bowl teams

From: The state of Minnesota

Dear fans,

Good news! Your team has made it to the 2018 Super Bowl, in the lovely city of Minneapolis. Just so you know, though, you probably want to leave your new swimsuit and short sleeves at home.

I know, I know, you’re used to the Super Bowl being in sunny, warm states like Florida and Louisiana and wanted to have a little fun before the game like these fans did:

I’d be excited for that too! That’s not to say you can’t show off your new wardrobe. Take this guy who was at the last Super Bowl in Minneapolis, back in 1992:

Scarf fashion has changed a lot since then, of course, but you get the idea. This reporter from a Buffalo, New York TV station took a good approach back in ’92.

But heck, whatever you can dig up is just fine with us.

See you soon!

– Minnesota