Photos: The 5 types of luxury suites at the new Vikings stadium

There’s some interesting details among the images that the Vikings released last week about their plans to start selling Stadium Builder’s Licenses. Along with seat license information, the team also released a raft of new images of the stadium’s interior.

If you’ve got a sharp eye, you can sort out a sneak peek at one of the lesser-known aspects of the new stadiums: the five different types of luxury suites the team is planning to offer the best-heeled fans in their new stadium. The team says they’ll accommodate from 12 to 32 fans each, and from the looks of these images, in the future, most of the suite occupants will be watching the game on TV. The caption information on the renderings seem to indicate there’ll be a “Turf” model, a “Norseman” version, a “Loft” suite, a “Touchdown” layout and a “Valhalla” option that appears to be the equivalent of dying and going to football heaven.

The Vikings declined to explain the differences, the prices, the ranking of the various models or the amenities associated with each version, but say they’ll have more to talk about when their sales center is finished.

Here’s a gallery of the images for your perusal:

  • What would be the point of shelling out the kind of money for a suite just to end up watching the game on TV?

    • Tim Nelson

      That’s a good question. The Vikings say the new stadium is going to to from 280 HD televisions to 800, and those suites seem to have a lot of them. I guess they’re counting on some value of being there, beyond watching the game.