Old vs. new: Metrodome and the new Vikings stadium

They’re going to start tearing down the Metrodome pretty quickly — likely soon after its scheduled deflation on Saturday. So Stadium Watch would like to bring you a by-the-numbers look back. Here’s the old versus the new, at a glance:

  • Phil

    Will we get a little more leg room in our seats ?

  • Devonshade

    Make it louder than Seattle’s stadium.

  • bicfj

    Was the old stadium paid for?
    So who is paying for this BILLION dollar boondoggle?
    So who is benefiting from this BILLION dollar boondoggle?

  • SBennett

    One billion? Well, the only thing certain about a construction project is it’s gonna come in at 50% over budget and take 50% longer to finish than planned.

  • Andreas Nettmayer

    Capacity on NFL dot com lists 65,000, not 72,000.