Here’s how to get a seat of your own from the Metrodome

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and Albrecht Signs have just signed off on the final details of their agreement to salvage and sell off seats from the soon-to-be-vacant Metrodome. The Vikings will play their last game there on Sunday.

MSFA chairwoman Michele Kelm-Helgen says the contractor and her agency will start the process of taking out seats and getting them ready to be hauled away Monday morning. Here are the deets:

  • Seats for the general public will be $60 each, plus tax
  • A seat from a specific location will be $80 each, plus tax.
  • Non-profits looking for seats in volume to reuse will get seats at $40 each.
  • The removal will start on Monday. All seats will have to be pre-ordered and pre-paid through Albrecht signs.
  • Instructions will be available on the MSFA website soon.
  • Email and he will send you ordering information and a form.
  • Seats will not be delivered and will have to be picked up.
  • Pick-up will be pre-arranged.
  • Buyers will have to safely secure and haul their purchases with their own vehicle.

There are about 64,000 seats in the Metrodome. Officials think tens of thousands of them may be sold off and taken away before demolition starts Jan. 18.

  • just say’n

    Trying hard to be civil in my comments today, but why on earth would the commission set their used prices so high? Especially for a non-profit wanting to fill a stadium or auditorium. And if they don’t sell them is their salvage return so high that it really justifies these prices? Don’t know much about the numbers, but their choices seem horribly misplaced.

  • cheapseats

    I agree with just say’n. I would purchase 3 or 4 seats but can’t justify paying that price.