Metrodome seats may yet be saved

A contractor is hoping to salvage as many as 30,000 of the Metordome’s signature blue seats before the demolition of the building starts Jan. 18.

Albrecht Signs in Fridley said they’ve been selected to salvage the blue seats in the Metrodome and that they may be taking orders in the next few days.

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority took bids on the project last Friday, and were due to select a winning bidder on Monday. They haven’t yet, but MSFA spokeswoman Jennifer Hathaway confirms that the MSFA is in talks with Albrecht with an eye toward a final agreement, possibly on Monday.

Tony Manning, general manager at Albrecht, said his company bid on the work even though he has no idea how big a job it will will be to remove the seats, since requests haven’t been opened to the public yet.

“It’s a wild guess right now. I hope fans come out and buy as many as they want…You can buy one seat, you can buy 5,000.”

Manning said the job could involve as many as 30,000 seats and involves about 14 working days.

Prices are up in the air right now. Individual seats will could run $60 each, and specific seats may require an extra $20 to fulfill the request. Manning says non-profits and other groups may get them for a $40 each. Hathaway, the MSFA spokeswoman, said her agency hasn’t agreed on final prices yet and the contract hasn’t actually been drawn up yet.

Manning, though, said he wants to get the word out. Albrecht Sign will have more information on their website and on a Facebook page. All seats will have to be pre-ordered. The orders will have to be made and paid for by Jan. 7, he thinks, to accommodate the removal. Bulk orders may have to be made and paid for as soon as Thursday.

As it is shaping up now, the deal will be for pick-up only, possibly starting Jan. 14. Pickup will be appointment only, and there’s no accomodation for shipping at this point.

  • John Peschken

    Looking at the way these are attached, it’s going to take some sort of base to set these up on a flat floor. Might be a good opportunity for someone with welding capabilities. I’m betting someone is on that already.