Watch the new Vikings stadium go up a week at a time at Mill City Times

The Mill City Times may be small: the blog that covers the central riverfront neighborhoods in Minneapolis has a staff of two. But it also has a great perch (the Bridgewater Loft condos) from which to watch the new Vikings stadium take shape.

Publisher Dave Tinjum is posting a weekly photo of the site, taken from the same vantage point. In about 135 weeks, Tinjum and his wife, Kim Eslinger, will have a one-of-a-kind sequence of what the project looked like.

Mill City Times started in 2010 as a side project for Tinjum and Eslinger. “It’s a labor of love, a love of the downtown neighborhoods,” he says. It started as a quasi-business directory and has morphed into a full-fledged news site.

They’re planning on putting up a new stadium shot every Monday. Check in on their site for your regular dose of construction action.

The Vikings will put up construction cams, says Vikings communications chief Jeff Anderson.