Minneapolis City Council members protest ‘Redskins’ name


Six Minneapolis City Council members told the NFL and the owner of the Washington, DC franchise they disapprove of the team’s name and the mascot.  The letter dated Nov. 4, comes days before the Vikings play the Redskins at the Metrodome on Thursday.

Council members Cam Gordon, Robert Lilligren, Lisa Goodman, Elizabeth Glidden, Gary Schiff and Betsy Hodges wrote the open letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

In it, they call the team name offensive as “a reference to indigenous peoples in Minneapolis.

“We join those Minnesota residents who will be protesting outside Mall of America Field in condemning the racism inherent in the “Redskins” name.  We call on the owners of the franchise to change the team’s name, and on the National Football League to take the necessary actions to convince the franchise owners to change the name.”

The council members said the word “redskin” was used as a term of derision, and recalls language used during the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862.

The call from the city council members comes amid increasing criticism from Native American groups and others across the country.

Activists also have asked the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority to ban the Washington team’s name from the Metrodome, but the authority’s chair said last month there’s really nothing state can do to keep the offending name off the public address system and from signs.

Here’s today’s letter from Minneapolis City Council members:

  • mark

    I hope that Mr. Quincy who has not signed this letter as of yet remains unspoken on a topic that has little or no bearing or relevance to the Minneapolis City Council.

  • Joe

    Grow up and do your job.

  • John B.

    In recent years, a part of my regular amusement is observing members of the Minneapolis City Council sputter and spray about issues of almost no consequence to local citizens and absolutely nothing to do with their job. We are not expected to listen to their values and moral positions for leadership; it wasn’t in the job description and they would have to get in line, behind a lot of other hot air politicians, before being considered. Running a city the size of Mpls is a considerable undertaking which begs for maturity, calm reason, muted personal feelings, and broad vision that explores how the citizens are served by the government. Blustering about elephants mistreated or
    idiot professional sports teams insulting a minority group is best left to folks who have moral standing. Since the Mpls city council has caved to virtually every sports owner wanting a free ride, it seems a stretch to have them stand up for an issue which is only under review because other activists within the same week raised the matter. If the council members feel they need to comment on NSA, the IRS, drones, or global warming, they should reserve such action for personal time at home.