Poll: Most Minnesotans want do-over on Vikings stadium deal

Minnesota_State_CapitolA KSTP/Survey USA poll asked Minnesotans last week what they thought of the deal the Legislature and the Governor have struck with the state’s NFL franchise for a new Vikings stadium.

The answer: Not much.

Nearly three in five say the state didn’t do due diligence on the Wilfs when it passed the stadium bill in May of 2012, and nearly four out of five say the state should demand the Vikings owners open their books before Minnesota signs on the dotted line for a $398 million mortgage on the team’s new home. Here’s the details from KSTP’s website:

Did the governor and legislature do enough to learn more about the New Jersey case before entering into a deal with Wilfs? Or did they need to do more?

23% Did Enough
58% Needed To Do More
19% Not Sure

(7 Asked of 500 Adults, margin of Sampling Error for this question = ± 4.4%)

Should the state re-open the stadium legislation and re-work the deal with the Wilfs, the Vikings, and the National Football League? Or should the legislation and deal be left as it is?

51% Re-open
39% Left As It Is
10% Not Sure

(Margin of Sampling Error for this question = ± 4.5% )

Should the Wilfs be required to release their financial information before the Vikings deal goes forward?

75% Yes
18% No
8% Not Sure

(Margin of Sampling Error for this question = ± 3.9%)

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Depressing poll results. Minnesotans have been hoodwinked on this one. 1. Of course more due diligence needs to be done, there’s no state revenue stream for the stadium. 2. Of course it should be re-opened since the premise behind the first deal is myth. 3. Who cares what the Wilfs are worth? That’s completely irrelevant. Make a deal on it’s merits. If I buy a truck from a rich person, should I expect a deal for less than market value? No.

  • Jon Lamkin

    Why is it that people are so up in arms about the Vikings Stadium when the Twins stadium lead to so so much more in taxes to the People in Minneapolis and the state then Vikings Stadium is going to lead to. Especially considering that the Wilfs are STILL putting the money forth for the stadium!! This poll saddens me. It shows that the people of MN do not like their sports team unless any deal that is done is with what the people think should be done regardless of the jobs this will cost if it does not happen.
    This stadium will bring so much more in revenue then the Twins Stadium ever has.. not to mention overall revenue long term with the surrounding business that this will bring to the area and existing businesses. It is not a myth with the deal that was done to get this Stadium going and it took almost 12 years to get it. Now that it is going to happen something that happened with the Wilfs that does not affect how THEY will pay for the stadium itself and some of you involved in this stupid poll want full disclosure of the Wilf’s finances is just plain asinine!!