Another Minnesota stadium collapse!

Ok, it’s no Metrodome deflation, but, once again, another landmark Minnesota sports facility has suffered a partial collapse.

This time, it’s Wade Municipal Stadium, home of the Duluth Huskies. Fox 21 News in Duluth has a good picture of the damage:

This is bad news for the Huskies, who want to attract more people to their 4,200 seat park — although co-owner Mike Rosenzweig says they’ll be playing ball there again on June 1.

This shot. from Google Maps, gives you a better idea of what happened to the wall along the first base line at Wade Stadium. It looks like the brick wall weakened above the pillars out beyond the grandstand and dugout area.


The city of Duluth asked the state for a $5.8 million grant for a $11.8 million upgrade to the place last year, but alas, didn’t get it. They got beat out by St. Paul and the Saints. Here’s the plea on behalf of Wade Stadium:

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  • Gary F

    Excessive? If people keep buying tickets, I guess not.

    Another thing that reassures my decision two seasons ago to stop watching the local pro team and the NFL as a whole.

  • PaulJ

    Security people do tend to empire build; but, in their defense, they are dealing with a huge downside.

  • reggie

    I guess to improve the like-you-were-there experience in my man-cave, I’m going to have to start wanding the guys and charging $10 for a beer while we watch at home. And don’t even think about bringing your own snacks. They’ll be confiscated at the door so I can sell more chips smothered in a cheese-like goo.

  • James

    “Tightened security” is such an awesome way to keep fans from smuggling in a Diet Coke or a package of Cracker Jacks. There’s probably $10/fan/game upside for the teams with these new rules.

  • Michelle

    No, not excessive at all. We used to be season ticket holders and watching that many people crammed into one space always made me wonder after 9/11. I think this is a good change.

  • Jeff

    Just one more reason to watch the game at home.

    • Ralfy

      Just one more reason to find something, anything, else to do on Sunday. Watching rented human physical freaks smash into each other for entertainment, hero worship and ego gratification? Aren’t we better than that?

  • JQP

    Its not far enough. I’d like to see everyone naked. Much safer that way.

  • Max

    I don’t see how this really affects anyone. The purse size is maybe a little inconvenient, but how many people really need to bring a back pack, brief case, or computer bag. You’re there to watch a game. How many things do you need to sit in a seat for three hours? Given the size of the seats in the Metrodome, I don’t even know where you would put all that stuff.

    • JQP

      Every parking lot tell you not to leave valuables in the car. I’m just imagining someone setting up a semi-trailer with a bunch of storage lockers and bins and a $20 security fee.

  • John

    I think they should add cavity searches. How do we know if someone is sneaking in one of those small bottles of booze in their rectum? Or even one of those computer generated and 3D printed guns in the shape of the sigmoid colon.

  • Mary

    I guess they are trying to keep woman and babies out of the stadium. I won’t be gong to a game this year, can’t stand the dome anyway.

    • Pearly

      woman and babies? What does it mean?

  • Pearly

    At this point what difference does it make? The NFL as we know it is almost over.

  • Personalitems2013

    I hope this is really a proactive way to keep people safe but really, I’d would be careful of everyone seeing one’s own “Personal items.” We all should have a good laugh right now and see it as a way of paying for the Viking’s Owner’s latest Money Scandal as well.