Mortenson Construction picked to build new Vikings stadium

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority  picked Minneapolis-based Mortenson Construction to build the new Vikings stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

Vikings team vice president Lester Bagley said the team will likely play two full seasons at the University of Minnesota football stadium while the new stadium is built .

Mortsenson is already known for most of the Twin Cities sports landmarks, including the Target Center, the Xcel Energy Center, TCF Bank Stadium and Target Field

The company also build the landmark Minneapolis Central Library, the Minneapolis Convention Center, and the in-progress Orchestra Hall renovation, on the south end of downtown.

  • Check out some of the space age designs that Dallas-based HKS Inc. proposed for the stadium that Mortenson is going to build . 

Mortenson was contending with Arizona-based Hunt Construction, which built Lucas Oil Field, where the Indianapolis Colts play, and the University of Phoenix Stadium, where the Arizona Cardinals play. They also build landmarks like Citi Field, and Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

Hunt sweetened its bid by teaming up with Minneapolis-based Kraus-Anderson, which built the U of M’s Amplatz Children’s Hospital and the 35-story Dain Rauscher/Nieman Marcus Plaza in Minneapolis, as well as Lawson.Commons in downtown St. Paul.

The pick comes as no real surprise: Mortenson actually got the job once before, back in 2008, when the then-Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission was planning its “Metrodome Next” intiative. Mortenson has also been in on the ground floor in the latest project, lobbying for state aid for the project up at the Legislature, offering construction schedule and cost estimates and otherwise doing the legwork for the runup to the stadium bill signed last May.

The construction management services agreement is the biggest contract in the stadium project. The stadium itself is expected to cost about $822 million of the total $975 million cost of the planning, land acquisition, building and other elements of getting a new stadium open.

Initial designs for what Mortenson is supposed to be working on are expected to be unveiled in a few weeks by the MSFA and HKS architects. Groundbreaking is scheduled for October, and the Vikings should kick off their first game there in the second half of 2016, if all goes as planned.

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:38 am

Mortenson VP says construction manager that worked on retractable roof for Lucas Oil Field is now working for his firm. Texas-based Walter P. Moore engineering firm will be on board, has experience in retractable roof facilities.

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:35 am

Mortenson VP John Wood: If we earn all the bonuses, the fee will be $15 million.

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:35 am

Bagley: “The Vikings anticipate that 2013 will be their last season at Mall of America Field.”

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:32 am

Michele Kelm-Helgen says that Vikings are likely to be here through 2013, and will be at TCF in the 2014 season. “Question has always been 2014… My guess is that this will be our last season in the Metrodome.” Says building will likely come down in January or February of 2014.

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:30 am

Mortenson says 7,500 workers, should peak at about 1,500 on site at peak.

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:29 am

Mortenson VP: “We did assume some unusual risks in this contract, which go above and beyond what we would usually do on any other contract. And I don’t think we would have done it anywhere else, but in our home state.” Says substantial completion date is targeted for July 1, 2016.

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:27 am

Mortenson’s Wood: “There are some substantial penalties associated with late completion, which is not going to occur.” Says that includes $5 million per missed NFL game.

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:25 am

Fee will be about $12.5 million, Kelm-Helgen says. Mortenson VP John Wood said the company originally asked for 1.9 percent.

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:24 am

Kelm-Helgen says fee will be “about 1.7 percent of the contract, which is an incredibly competitive fee.”

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:23 am

Vikings VP Lester Bagley: “We did negotiate a very competitive business agreement.”

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:23 am

In post-signing presser, Kelm-Helgen says Mortenson’s approach to equity plan for minority employment and inclusion, and risk language in contract were key. “It seemed like these were people who wanted to be our partner.”

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:14 am

Unanimous vote by MSFA. Deal done.

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:14 am

Mortenson’s partner in the construction project will be Thor Construction. CEO Ravi Norman thanking MSFA.

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:08 am

Kelm-Helgen: “Now we’re going to be able to start the real work, being able to price the fabulous things that our architects have been drawing.”

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:07 am

Kelm-Helgen: “Mortenson really wanted to win this competition… They have a very, very aggressive fee… so that we have the most money to put into the building, so we can build the best arena in the country.”

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:06 am

Kelm-Helgen: “The fact that they’re a local firm means a lot… They’ve got a proven track record… There are going to be over 7,500 workers on this project, and having someone who knows how to recruit… is key.”

Tim Nelson Tim Nelson February 15, 20139:01 am

Michele Kelm-Helgen just formally announced Mortenson will get construction services contract.

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    No. But the IRS scandal has confirmed my view of the Obama administration.

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    No. The fact that people would do such things to gain an advantage in a mere game only confirms for me that sports are taken way too seriously in this country.

  • Jim G

    No. I stopped watching pro sports thirty years ago. That’s when one professional baseball player’s contract paid him more money than my entire school district’s budget. I realized then that professional sports and the men that run it have way too much influence and their values (Show me the money!) are not those I respect or want to emulate.

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    The IRS scandal is a bigger deal IMO

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    Sure, how do you know who wins if you don’t know who cheats?