The lay of the Vikings stadium land

Surveying-RFPThe Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority is taking stock of the land around the Metrodome. The agency issued a request for proposals from surveyors today, to lay out the boundaries, topography and utilities for 13 parcels in downtown Minneapolis. They’re numbered on the map at right. The green parcels are 0nly designated as “adjacent” and the bid doesn’t give any indication that they’re about to be drawn into the project.

But you’d better be quick: proposals are due by January 18th. You can read the full RFP below.

  • Eric

    I generally tip around 20%, sometimes a bit more. That said, I also believe that the tip should have more to do with the service than the price of the meal, so I have recently started applying a minimum tip value for any sit-down meal with decent service of $5, regardless of the price of the meal. If I get decent service on a $15 meal, why should the server be tipped less than if I got the same service on a $25 meal?

  • Gilly

    I’d be interested in a companion poll of restaurant workers with the same choice of answers, only asking what level of tip they most often receive.