New stadium “listening sessions” set for Rochester, Duluth

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority has set the dates and times for its Vikings stadium “listening sessions” in Rochester and Duluth.

The Rochester event will be at the DoubleTree Hotel on Nov. 13, and the Duluth event will be at the Holiday Inn downtown. Both are Tuesday night meetings scheduled to run from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.

The MSFA has dropped some hints that they may not just be reruns of the session at the Minneapolis Convention Center. For one thing, Bryan Trubey is going to be there — the main guy from HKS, and the one who won the bid for the firm. Also, MSFA chairwoman Michele Kelm-Helgen hinted at the Oct. 26 authority meeting that attendees might get some sneak peeks at what’s to come for the stadium: “I’m thinking that by November at those meetings, we might have some ideas to just potentially float by people, and that folks can react to.”

The Vikings are much lower key about the events, and say it may be months before anything key is ready for prime time. The situation is complicated by Hurricane Sandy: the Wilfs live in hard-hit New Jersey, and have been without power and are contending with the same gas shortage that the rest of the New York area is suffering.

Anyway, here’s the deets on the Rochester event: