As the Winona city debate simmers over how to handle student housing — including Winona State’s proposed “theme” housing — the Winona Post writes about some of the frustration that residents and university officials feel. From the residents’ side: Natalie Siderius, speaking on behalf of the Neighborhood Association, said the group is frustrated by inaction Read more

Assistant professor Allison Quam of the Darrell W. Krueger Library at Winona State University writes in American Libraries magazine about the success of the Winona Newspaper Project, which has created digital archives of four Winona newspapers: Since the library began tracking usage in 2007, the Winona Newspaper Project has had over 46,000 visits from more Read more

“I don’t feel like Winona State should have special privileges in the housing community. Something’s not right on that.” — Winona Planning Commission member Steve Briggs on his concerns over attempts to establish a plan allowing — but also regulating — a number of university-owned residential student rentals, called “theme houses.” He wondered why that Read more

Winona State University A poser university? Winona State University recently tussled with the think tank Education Sector in the pages of the Chronicle of Higher Education over its new $19.5 million Integrated Wellness Complex — and what it means for higher education. Education Sector Policy Director Kevin Carey took the first shot last month in Read more