University of Minnesota graduate assistants are wrapping up week-long voting on whether to unionize. The students will finish casting their votes today Friday (today), and the results could come as soon as Monday. Union supporters say they want a voice in decisions over pay and working conditions, which they say are uneven across departments — and Read more

“Things are extremely polarized in terms of union organizing. Any attempt is going to be very contentious.” — Hamline University employment-law professor David Larson to the Minnesota Daily on the national atmosphere around union organizing — just as the U’s graduate assistants vote this week on whether they’ll form a union. Read the full story Read more


The group of graduate students trying to organize at the University of Minnesota has been working today to bring about a student vote on whether to unionize. It’s taking a two-pronged approach now that a majority of the U’s 4,500 graduate assistants have signed union-authorization cards, spokesman Scott Thaller told me. First, the group is asking Read more

Here are the highlights of today’s University of Minnesota grad-student unionization forum as I tweeted them. It’s the fourth time grad students are trying to organize, the last time being in 2005. But it’s the first time they’ve ran a campaign into a second year, Aldarondo said, as well as the first to be affiliated Read more