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About 180 students, alumni and teachers have signed a petition explaining why they don’t want the University of Minnesota to engage in a proposed partnership with Teach For America: “We believe that this partnership offers unearned legitimacy to a significantly flawed and powerful force in education, one which sends underprepared teachers into communities of students Read more

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I’ve just received this note from Mistilina Sato, director of the Educator Development and Research Center at the Twin Cities Campus of the University of Minnesota. Sato, who holds the the Campbell Chair for Innovation in Teacher Development, is among many who’ve taken issue with today’s National Council on Teacher Quality ratings. As an institution, the University of Minnesota-Twin Read more

Gov. Mark Dayton explains in his veto letter a main reason behind his decision to take a $1.5 million appropriation of Teach for America out of the higher-education omnibus bill: “No competitive grant program was established, no other applications were solicited, and no objective review was made by an independent panel of experts.” Some advocates for Read more