A Senate committee has approved a bill requiring colleges to report how safe their study-abroad programs are. The measure, discussed Thursday, would require schools to provide safety records — details on deaths, accidents and illnesses of students participating in sanctioned study-abroad programs. Elizabeth Brenner, the mother of Minnetonka student who died during a 2011 study-abroad Read more

Parents send their children off to increasingly popular study abroad programs, but they often don’t think about the potential for danger. A Minnesota foundation for study-abroad safety estimates more than 400 American students — mostly college students — have died on such programs over the past 15 years in cases such as drownings, hiking accidents Read more

Nicole Pazdernik, director of St. Cloud State’s education abroad program, tells the University Chronicle student paper what some students face at home after studying in another country: “Students who have gone on this program might have this intense experience that their friends and family members may not be able to identify with [their experience]. … Read more

When I began five years of study in Germany in 1989,  I noticed sharp differences between the German higher education system (almost all schools state-run and uniform, free of charge and permissive of long years of study) and the American one (expensive, with many private schools and an emphasis on the four-year degree). Since then, Read more

“They’re looking for a dozen engineers, a dozen accountants. They’re not thinking about how, in the long term, an international experience might pay off.” — Ralph Brigham, past president of the National Association of Colleges and Employers, in on why it’s difficult to convince potential employers of the value of studying abroad. Good material in Read more