MPR News reporter Tim Pugmire is reporting on Gov. Mark Dayton’s revised budget, which includes this higher-ed tidbit: Tax Relief for Students. The Governor’s tax plan would provide 285,000 recent college graduates up to $190 per year by deducting their student loan interest. Another 40,000 current college students and parents would receive a tuition deduction Read more

Student advocates want to change a federal law that they say prevents many Minnesota college students from finding out about a low-cost, state-run student-loan program. Since 2010, colleges have been required to vet private lenders thoroughly before recommending them to students. Many schools say that’s too cumbersome, so they don’t recommend any lenders at all. Read more

Globe University / Minnesota School of Business has entered the radar of Kyle McCarthy, cofounder of In an article in The Huffington Post, he writes that the Globe Education Network offers its students a high-interest — 18 percent — private Educational Opportunities Loan (EdOp Loan). He says Globe is quite aggressive in how it Read more

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When I spoke to state Office of Education analyst Tricia Grimes on Friday about the increase in the student-loan default rate, I mentioned that Lumina Foundation’s Zakiya Smith had expressed alarm over the issue. Smith had told the higher ed publication  Diverse that the defaulting students had begun their repayment period while the feds were trying Read more

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It’s about time we got a little student perspective on the Senate’s deal over Stafford loan interest rates, which could come to a vote as early as today. I just got this announcement from the Minnesota State University Student Association, a group representing students at Minnesota’s four-year state-run campuses. They don’t like the proposed legislation, Read more