CSB/SJU library poster

Here’s another installment in the in-house marketing campaign at the libraries of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. It follows last year’s Halloween-style theme, which produced posters such as this one: (Those won us the team Honorable Mention for Outstanding Public Relations Efforts from the American Library Association.) Librarian Sarah Gewirtz told Read more

Fall football’s Tommie-Johnnie obnoxious T-shirt battle is underway, and apparently the standards of decency are once again under siege. St. Thomas’ VP for student affairs, Jane Canney, tells TommieMedia what follows the football game and parade of raunch: “What happens afterwards is we get calls; we get letters from people who are mortified that they Read more

Check out this amazing living recreation of Raphael’s “School of Athens” painting by faculty at the College of Saint Benedict and St. John’s University. The Chronicle of Higher Education describes some of the challenges that Anthony Cunningham, chair of the philosophy department, faced in pulling it off: One challenge, of course, was costuming. Some folks Read more

One of St. John’s medieval Spanish Bibles Scholars at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library at St. John’s University recently realized that the microfilm copies the library has of two early medieval Spanish Bibles are actually the only ones in existence. That’s big stuff, considering that the Bibles, Codex Complutensis I and Codex Complutensis II, were practically destroyed during the Spanish Civil War Read more