I knew it was too early for school. I’ve just spoken with Elizabeth Kirchoff, an English professor at Minnesota State University – Moorhead. Students in a couple of her classes have been complaining “relentlessly” that their dorm rooms have no air conditioning, and that sleeping conditions are just unbearable. They told her that fans Read more

“We’re trying to get to their level. Students are texting. They’re using apps. So we’re adjusting.” — Graduate assistant John Edmonds, who specializes in new media for Minnesota State University – Moorhead’s university college office, on how the university is now texting students important information instead of e-mailing it. Apparently, a number of students weren’t Read more

Minnesota State University – Moorhead President Edna Szymanski tells The Advocate student paper why the university is phasing out its continuing studies department, which handles public-outreach programs: “Right now, this university is supported 64 percent by your tuition; for that reason, I can’t continue anything that doesn’t either benefit you directly, or in someway, generate a Read more

“I am impressed by how much your students really love the university and how patriotic their behavior is toward the university. We can see the emblem of the Dragon practically everywhere. It’s within the community. It’s about students who take pride in their university.” — Russian NGO official Aleksandr Bryukhanov in The Advocate after touring Read more