Found a link to this on Twitter. In just the first minute or so, the video hits me with these expressions: “work collaboratively with faculty, staff and students to create the best possible student experience at Macalester.” “work to build relationships and develop community to maximize student learning beyond the classroom” “aims to enhance student Read more

Here’s the online petition for Macalester College alumni protesting the recent disciplining of student protesters. Alumni Pledge: “This is not the Macalester we know and love” I will not donate to Macalester College while it discourages and punishes student leaders whose activism reflects the school’s values. In April 2013, students protesting Macalester’s relationship with Wells Read more

You may have read the Star Tribune‘s piece on discipline being meted out against some of the students who participated in the sit-in of Macalester College’s administration building over the college’s ties to Wells Fargo. I spoke to one of the 17 students who were apparently disciplined — freshman Alex Bartiromo. He said the students Read more