Just got this: Minnesota College Republicans Disappointed in Hamline University Discrimination against conservatives at college campuses—at all levels—needs to stop.   The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Wednesday that the Hamline University administration caved to a small group of liberal activist professors who raised concerns about Tom Emmer’s potential  employment, and rescinded the previously agreed Read more

Obviously, this was extremely disappointing to me, but I was even more disappointed by what (business dean Anne McCarthy) told me next…incredibly, because of my conservative political views I will not be allowed to teach business law to Hamline students. — Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer in a letter to Hamline University President Linda Read more

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfG1523MZgg During my December college winter coverage, I ran across the vlog (video log) of Hamline University student Ruby Crews of Arizona. She recorded her own reaction to her first blizzard and posted it to the university’s Web site. Turns out she’s part of a crew of video bloggers for the university — students who Read more

As I’ve posted before, some recent law school grads are furious over their student loan debts, claiming their law schools lured them in by exaggerating their job prospects. Now the nonprofit Law School Transparency Project is trying to help by producing better data on the schools so prospective students can make better-informed decisions about whether Read more