Bethel University will send the Department of Education the results of its FY 2013 audit this week, which campus officials say shows the university is financially healthy. The university has been in a battle with the feds over the results of a national college financial-health test, which the government says Bethel flunked. But campus officials Read more

Bethel University sign

Bethel University is challenging sanctions imposed by the U.S. Department of Education, which says the school has flunked its assessment of financial health. Federal officials have given the school until later this month to post a multimillion-dollar letter of credit. But the university’s finance chief says Bethel is doing fine, and that the federal assessment Read more

Matthew McDermott via Wikimedia Commons Welcome at Bethel? Academic and environmental blogs have been aflame over the recent nastiness of the dispute between climate skeptic Christopher Monckton and St. Thomas University professor John Abraham. Amid all the hubbub over Monckton’s outlandish behavior and the debate over who has the science right, something strikes me as odd: Here we have a minor celebrity Read more