This just in from Augsburg College: $10 million gift to Augsburg College will launch new academic building Gift from 1965 Augsburg College alumnus is largest in College’s history Augsburg College is honored to announce that it has received an unrestricted $10 million philanthropic gift from a 1965 alumnus. The donor’s generous contribution will support a Read more

Augsburg College has made BestCollegesOnline’s list of 20 colleges most committed to community service, published recently in USA Today. The paper warns that the list is “limited and subjective,” but said it should be taken as a list of some of the “more-inspiring schools out there.” Here’s the college’s entry: 5. Augsburg College Augsburg College Read more

This fall we read why Winona State University has a higher-than-average rate of diversity compared to its local public-sector neighbors. Recently The Hechinger Report lauded Minnesota private colleges for their success in creating and keeping diverse student bodies, telling U.S. higher-ed institutions: They’d do well to pay a little attention to some Minnesota success stories. Read more