common application and martini

Some Minnesota private colleges are waiting nervously to see whether the association behind The Common Application works out a range of glitches in time for this fall’s early-decision application deadlines. The technical problems, which have garbled students’ applications and even prevented their delivery, blew the October early-admissions deadlines of Georgia Tech and the University of Read more

Scott Anderson, director of outreach for the Common Application, explains one reason there’s no guarantee that successful college admissions essays for purchase are any good: Essays play an important role in a student’s application, but they rarely seal the deal in the way that essay vendors imply. (And, fortunately for me, they seldom torpedo the Read more

ladybugbkt via Flickr And this has exactly what to do with your research interests? Chronicle of Higher Education blogger “Female Science Professor” talks about how graduate-school applicants need to write more about their scholarly experiences and interests — and can the cutesy stuff: At the risk of sounding like a cranky old science professor, I Read more