Connecticut College President Leo I. Higdon Jr. explains why meeting with students who have had drinking-related medical emergencies might help curb the campus drinking problem: To their credit, the handful of students I’ve met with to date all seemed uncomfortable during these meetings, embarrassed by the attention from their college president and by the reason Read more

St. Cloud State University is considering joining some other higher-ed institutions in the nation by establishing a residence for students who have gone through drug or alcohol treatment, the St. Cloud Times reports. The program it’s looking at is Augsburg College’s 75-student StepUp program, which historically has been able to keep 87 percent of its Read more

Nate Brennan, editor-in-chief of the Minnesota State University Mankato Reporter, cries out against the government battle against Four Loko, the alcoholic caffeine drink involved in the hospitalization or death of a number of student drinkers: Well I’m more than happy to inform you sanctimonious worriers of idiotic college students that we don’t need saving. Just Read more

So much for Four Loko, the caffeine-and-alcohol bomb that has been on the radar of authorities. Now the latest rage is alcoholic whipped cream called “Whipped Lightning,” according to WGN-TV in Chicago: …College campus leaders are concerned that the new whipped cream product poses a serious threat to college students because many students use the Read more