Why race-based affirmative action in college admissions still matters It is one thing to seek alternatives to race-based affirmative action that approximate affirmative action’s goals. It is quite another to defend such alternatives as the most desirable policy, to suggest that preferences for students from socio-economically disadvantaged families are superior to preferences for African Americans. (The Read more

When the College Admissions Battle Starts at Age 3 While competition to secure a seat in a public prekindergarten program is fierce (roughly two-thirds of the estimated 41,000 applicants earned seats for the coming academic year), it’s even more cutthroat among private-school applicants. (The New York Times) College Cost Isn’t Poor Students’ Big Problem Whatever’s keeping low-income Americans Read more

Avoiding Roommate Shock, Online Ultimately, college officials hope that these roommate-recommendation programs can combat a costly problem: interpersonal conflicts so severe that they can prompt students to transfer to other schools before their sophomore year. (The New York Times) Does Khan Academy Work? No one really knows how well it works. Sure, it’s cheaper than a real classroom, but Read more

In Moody’s U.S. college credit ratings, downgrades far outnumber upgrades Moody’s has downgraded three dozen four-year colleges and universities since July 2013, a sign of continuing financial fragility in higher education. (The Washington Post) Should Colleges Be Able to Determine Costs of Living? There are three potential reasons why other costs included in the costs of attendance Read more