Last week I posted the response of a Metropolitan State University professor, who said the Star Tribune‘s editorial board was portraying faculty as “obstructionist” toward MnSCU’s Charting the Future plan for more coordination among campuses. Looks like the Rochester Post-Bulletin also had little patience for uppity faculty: An early draft of the report was criticized Read more

Last month, the Star Tribune editorial board praised the new direction taken by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system in its Charting the Future plan. It liked the system’s idea of having colleges stop competing so much and instead coordinate curricula and administrative functions to a degree not seen before, saying that by Read more

MSU Moorhead

Minnesota State University – Moorhead officials are taking issue with a Slate article that says the campus, as well as University of the District of Columbia, are gutting academics to solve budget problems: Soon these regional public universities may have no departments of English, physics, or history—nor a host of other programs often associated with Read more

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities trustees have approved potentially sweeping changes to how their colleges and universities do business. Leaders of the 31 MnSCU schools are being told to stop competing so much with each other for students — and start cooperating to an extent not seen before. They’ll need to rethink the academic programs Read more

Bethel University will send the Department of Education the results of its FY 2013 audit this week, which campus officials say shows the university is financially healthy. The university has been in a battle with the feds over the results of a national college financial-health test, which the government says Bethel flunked. But campus officials Read more

UMN Morrill Hall

As education leaders debate the cost and accessibility of a bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota, the number of students entering graduate school there has been quietly dropping. The state’s research powerhouse has seen overall enrollment by slide by 9 percent over the past five years, eroded by a poor economy and unstable government Read more