UW Provost Paul DeLuca Jr.tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel what he thinks about a recommendation that the University of Wisconsin-Madison end a reciprocity agreement with Minnesota and Minnesota residents out-of-state tuition: “Every now and then, someone makes a suggestion like that. That’s a very narrow, short-sided perspective.” Read the full article here.

Emory University English professor Mark Bauerlein writes in the Star Tribune why the University of Minnesota is wrong to largely exclude classics from its “College in the Schools” program: The point here is not to censure the course for its contemporary, multiculturalist focus. Prof. McNaron and CIS have, in fact, developed machinery to ensure college-level Read more

Here’s a neat idea the state Office of Higher Education has come up with: a free smartphone app that helps students stay on top of their college search. Here’s the OHE announcement by Director Larry Pogemiller. I’ve put in bold the stuff that sounds pretty nifty: Dear Colleagues, Better student planning and preparation are essential Read more

Late yesterday afternoon I attended a screening of “Paying for College: How Minnesota Families Make It Happen,” which I previewed here. About 100 or so higher-ed and K-12 officials saw the 26-minute video, which is a co-production of TPT’s Minnesota Productions & Partnerships, and is co-sponsored by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and the Read more