U complaint reportedly tied to future of track

The University of Minnesota’s student paper, the Minnesota Daily, writes that the federal gender-discrimination complaint filed against the U — announced on Friday — “alleges that the University fails to provide women with the same opportunities as men in areas including equipment and supplies, scheduling, facilities and athletic scholarships.”

The paper, which apparently obtained a copy of a letter by the United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, writes it’s also connected to an attempt to “prevent the destruction of the current outdoor track or force the construction of a new track — before the 2016 outdoor season.”


A football building included in the athletics department’s $190 million facilities plan is slated to displace the school’s outdoor track, home to 136 student-athletes, 87 of which are women, as listed on the team’s official roster.

You can read more about that in this online petition to save the facility.

You can read the Daily’s story about the complaint here.

  • Nick K

    I think a little more in-depth analysis is due here, Alex. Maybe some mention, in your post/story that in all probability there is no gender component to this issue. I’d refer you to the article you linked to, in which, the following appears: ” ‘The anonymous party who filed the complaint wrote in an email to track and field athletes that Title IX was used as “the only means I could find to save the track facility” and “my intent was not to ignore the affect [sic] this is having on the men’s team.’ ” Sure seems like someone with a vested interest in an on-campus track is abusing the system to get her (or I suppose his) way.