Bemidji students join unrest over chancellor

Bemidji State University student leaders say they have passed a vote of “no confidence” in Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system Chancellor Steven Rosenstone.

The vote, which passed unanimously with one abstention, came the same day that Board of Trustees Chairman Tom Renier renewed a call for mediation between Rosenstone, faculty unions and even students in their dispute over his plan to overhaul the system.

The vote is the second publicized no-confidence vote by MnSCU university students. Metropolitan State University students passed such a vote earlier this month. Winona State students have issued a list of concerns.

The student announcement stated:

The Bill of Particulars echoes many of the same sentiments of those passed by other student associations as well as faculty senates.  These concerns include lack of transparency, misappropriation of MnSCU funds, lack of professionalism, and inadequate representation of MnSCU in the state legislature.  These are very serious concerns, and the members of the BSUSA Student Senate hope that there will be movement toward resolution soon.

The BSU Student Senate realizes the importance of the student voice and will continue to participate in the Charting the Future implementation in hopes of finding the best way to serve the students of the MnSCU system.

The list is below.

MnSCU spokesman Doug Anderson replied in an email, “Given the testimony of multiple student leaders at yesterday’s meeting of the Board of Trustees, we are surprised by this vote.”

  • Beverly

    MnSCU spokesman Doug Anderson needs to get out more. He found the vote of the students at Bemidji State University surprising? Really? There were already two student senates that publicly voiced similar concerns. No one outside the Board of Trustees, his hand picked cabinet, and the campus presidents have expressed unreserved confidence in the Chancellor. And MnSCU spokesman Doug Anderson is surprised? Really????!!!!! Is that the best you can do Doug?

    Bravo students at Bemidji State University. I admire your courage and your intelligence.

    • rastin

      You seem to forget that, as the Chancellor has explained, it’s just a “local” matter. And as evidenced at last week’s board meeting, all is well and going according to plan. Everyone can relax. All is well. These votes are just the work of a handful of unionheads and merely reflect local issues.