Minnesota State Moorhead president runs, raises $1.2M

This was no ice bucket challenge.

Last week, Minnesota State University – Moorhead President Anne Blackhurst went through a much tougher fund-raising stunt: Run 12.5 miles for the school.

And her two-hour feat — 50 laps around the university’s Ron Masanz Track — became even more impressive when she racked up $1.2 million in pledges, making it the most successful fundraiser in the school’s history.

What’s more, she pledged $50,000 of her own money.

Before you start thinking it was too much of a grind, however, know that Blackhurst is a marathoner.

And yes, she was alone when she hit the finish line. Other participants ran a token lap or two.

  • bp

    However, let it be noted that $1M is from the Scheel family (owner of Scheels sporting goods stores) and goes only toward refurbishment of the football field which will then be named after them.
    So only a small fraction of the funds raised at this time is going toward student scholarships, faculty development, or even rehiring faculty after significant layoffs and buyouts in the past years.