Ebola, video applications and the affordable elite

Goucher College allows video applications, without transcripts or test scores Goucher President José A. Bowen said Wednesday that he believes his college will be the first to allow general students to submit a self-produced video as the central component of an application. (The Washington Post)

Are “Affordable Elite” Colleges Growing in Size, or Just Selectivity? Some elite colleges have not grown since 1980. (Washington Monthly)

Partnership clears path to law school for community college students Few students from two-year colleges go on to law school, and administrators hope the program will boost racial and economic diversity at such campuses as Loyola Law School, USC and UC Irvine. (Los Angeles Times)

More Parents Foot the Bill for Business School M.B.A.s Aim to Minimize Debt to Keep Career Options Open (The Wall Street Journal)

U.S. Colleges Advised to Tighten Ebola Precautions The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised American colleges and universities, and any students or staff arriving from nations hit by the Ebola virus, to take precautions against spreading the disease that go beyond what most schools have done. (The New York Times)