Med school, Africa and a stripped-down college

Why race-based affirmative action in college admissions still matters It is one thing to seek alternatives to race-based affirmative action that approximate affirmative action’s goals. It is quite another to defend such alternatives as the most desirable policy, to suggest that preferences for students from socio-economically disadvantaged families are superior to preferences for African Americans. (The Washington Post)

The Future of College? A brash tech entrepreneur thinks he can reinvent higher education by stripping it down to its essence, eliminating lectures and tenure along with football games, ivy-covered buildings, and research libraries. What if he’s right? (The Atlantic)

How Long Does Med School Need to Take? Should we be trying to get doctors thorough medical school faster? (Washington Monthly)

A record number of out-of-state students brings windfall for UC system More than a fifth of all UC freshmen will come from such places as Texas, Washington, China and India and each will pay an additional $23,000 in tuition, providing the system with an estimated $400 million in extra revenue that officials say helps support the education of Californians. (Los Angeles Times)

Africa, With U.S. Help, Graduates More Doctors An ambitious United States government project to strengthen medical education in sub-Saharan Africa is reporting broad progress in addressing the continent’s critical shortages of physicians and health care workers. (The New York Times)