Defense dollars, reading lists and Fargo’s degrees

Books that college freshmen should have read over the summer It has become a common practice at many colleges and universities to assign to incoming freshmen a book or other reading selection over the summer —sometimes as a requirement, sometimes just as a suggestion — so they can all come together to participate in a discussion about a particular theme during the school year. (The Washington Post)

Notre Dame Is Rocked by Charges of Academic Cheating The allegations were not of the magnitude of the recent, sprawling fraud charges at North Carolina, but they were jarring nonetheless. College sports officials throughout the country are under fire from critics who contend that they are unable to run sports as a big business while maintaining academic integrity. (The New York Times)

Universities chase big defense dollars Some of the nation’s most elite universities are deep into defense lobbying, often hiring Washington-based firms to press Congress and the Pentagon to fund their science projects. It’s all about Big Research and Big Money. (Politico via NAICU)

The Impact of Low-Income College Students on Inequality College towns are often home to the lowest-income places in the United States. (Tax Foundation via NAICU)

Fargo area lacking in associate degrees It could use more workers with associate degrees and certificates, particularly in the health, finance and IT fields, according to a state university system report. Fargo lacks loan officers, personal bankers, computer support specialists and pharmacy technicians, among other jobs. (Prairie Business via University Business)