Remediation, smart drugs, and net neutrality

How college remediation rates are distorted — and why No matter how serious a problem remediation may be,  it is wrong to inflate remediation numbers and then use them to justify everything from charter schools to the Common Core. (The Washington Post)

College Group Run for Profit Looks to Close or Sell Schools Facing heavy losses and a crackdown by government agencies, Corinthian Colleges, one of the largest for-profit operators of trade schools and colleges, will largely cease operating under an agreement with the federal Education Department. (The New York Times)

European Students’ Use of ‘Smart Drugs’ Is Said to Rise Under heavy pressure to excel, significant numbers of European university students are using cognitive enhancers, so-called smart drugs, to keep up with academic demands, recent studies show. (The New York Times)

Discounting dims revenue growth prospects at some private colleges The continued increase in freshmen and undergraduate tuition discounting represents a credit risk for some private institutions of higher education, according to Fitch Ratings. (University Business)

Dialogue on net neutrality hits campuses Michael Berman, vice president of technology & communications at California State University Channel Islands, equates a regulated Internet as “a network where the video for courses from The University of Phoenix or Coursera run quickly, but those from edX and your local community college run at slower speed and lower resolution.” (USA Today via NAICU)