Millennials, tech evangelists and the Common Core

Colleges and Universities Aren’t Ready for New Common Core Standards A report recommends that colleges add the results of Common Core assessment tests to the measures by which they gauge students’ eligibility for admission and financial aid; that they help make sure primary and secondary schools teach the things needed to succeed in higher education, and that the Common Core tests measure them; and that schools of education show future teachers how to prepare their students for college and careers. (Washington Monthly)

Unexpected Ways Millennials Are Impacting Higher Education In a recent survey, nearly half of Millennials employed in the education industry indicated their employers have outdated collaboration practices. (The Huffington Post via NAICU)

Ed tech promoters need to understand how most of us learn Productive learning without guidance and support from others is rare. A pair of eminent researchers has gone so far as to call the very notion of self-directed learning “an urban legend in education.” (The Hechinger Report)

Clash over campus cards The financial industry is clashing with the Obama administration over forthcoming regulations that are intended to protect college students from excessive bank fees. (The Hill via NAICU)

A Tale of ‘Too Big to Fail’ in Higher Education City College of San Francisco Survives (The New York Times via University Business)