Prison, rape, and summer courses

Prison Program Turns Inmates Into Intellectuals The more urgent and compelling question now is whether and how quickly they find work worthy of their achievements. (The New York Times)

Just as it wants students to speed up, government won’t pay for summer courses Tuition spikes slow congressional support for restoring summer Pell grants. (Time/The Hechinger Report)

Brown University allows rapist back on campus, faces federal complaint A university disciplinary panel recommended a two-year suspension for the assailant. However, Brown’s senior associate dean of student life reduced the suspension to one year. (USA Today)

College Athletes Are Not Immune To America’s Student Debt Dilemma Even those athletes who do receive some form of scholarship often find the need to obtain additional funds. (Forbes via University Business)

Student Debt Reform vs. Higher Education Reform Many prescriptions in the new book House of Debt strike me as enormously appealing, including a call for indexing student debt obligations to the state of the labor market. (National Review via NAICU)