Greeks, B-schools and gender bias

How Elite B-Schools Pump Up Applicant Pools Improving Economy, Increased Recruiting in U.S. and Abroad Draw Interest in Business Degrees (The Wall Street Journal)

Study: Going Greek may lead to the ‘good life’ Going Greek may be the new key to success after graduation, according to Gallup’s recent study of 30,000 graduates. (USA Today)

Potential Sale of Law School Raises Debate Over Who Should Profit The notion of legal education is colliding with the profit motive in Charleston, S.C., where “for profit” and “private equity” are being tossed around as dirty words in the fight against the acquisition of a regional law school. (The New York Times via University Business)

The case for student loan indexing The central problem with student loans is that they force graduates to bear a disproportionate amount of risk for circumstances completely outside their control. (The Dallas Morning News via University Business)

Gender Bias Alleged at UCLA’s Anderson Business School One of the nation’s top-ranked business schools is “inhospitable to women faculty,” according to an internal academic review. (The Wall Street Journal)