Childcare, testing and the “NanoDegree”

A Smart Way to Skip College in Pursuit of a Job Udacity-AT&T ‘NanoDegree’ Offers an Entry-Level Approach to College (The New York Times)

Colleges try to speed up pace at which students earn degrees New programs try to reverse the trend of higher education taking longer (The Hechinger Report)

Reducing student debt from the start Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden plans to open hearings next week on legislation that tries to address the crushing burden of student debt by helping young people avoid incurring it in the first place. (USA Today via NAICU)

Testing your way to a degree is not only faster than taking the conventional route. It’s much, much cheaper. A small but growing number of schools are letting students skip straight to final exams and earn academic credit in subjects they know well, often after years working in related fields. (The Hechinger Report)

The childcare connection that voids Latinas from going to college One community college proactively assisting students in need of daycare is Miami-Dade College, where childcare has been on the school’s radar for more than three decades. (VOXXI via University Business)