Amateurism, Iran online, and UK student exports

Unit Record Data Won’t Doom Students The information from unit record data is already available for employers to request. (Washington Monthly)

Rising Tuition Pushes British Students to U.S. The lure of a broader liberal arts curriculum, and the chance to combine science with humanities, has contributed to a steep rise in applications from British students to American universities. The British government’s decision two years ago to allow English universities to triple their tuition has also made a big difference. (The New York Times)

‘Amateurism’ Makes Its Final Stand A Few Key Things to Know Heading Into O’Bannon vs. NCAA (The Wall Street Journal)

The Best- And Worst-Paying Education Jobs While the top paying jobs in this field are largely concentrated at the college and university level, some professionals at the grade- and high school-level also command salaries that approach six figures. (Forbes via University Business)

Iran’s students to have access to US online courses Coursera, which has courses from more than 100 universities, including Stanford and Yale, says it expects to be used by tens of thousands of students in Iran. (BBC via University Business)