Adjuncts, deregulation and overseas academics

How much will Obama’s college rating system cost? A lot. While the pros and cons of the initiative are debated, one question that never seems to be asked is how much the enterprise is going to cost to develop and implement. Millions, apparently. (The Wall Street Journal)

Disquiet over rise in proportion of overseas academics Some young Singaporean doctoral students and faculty members fear they are being passed over for academic jobs and promotions in favour of professors from abroad. (University World News)

Do Minorities Fare Better at Multicultural Colleges? Black and Hispanic college students experience more loneliness and depression than their white peers, even at schools where whites are the racial minority. (Pacific Standard via NAICU)

An Uproar in Australia Over Proposal to Deregulate Tuition The changes would cut government funding per student by an average of 20 percent across the board, while freeing the universities to raise tuition without regulatory restraints. (The New York Times)

Nontenured faculty leading push toward unions on U.S. campuses Seattle University’s contingent instructors are voting on whether to join a union, part of a growing movement in higher education. Students say their professors deserve greater job security and better benefits. (The Seattle Times via University Business)